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Israeli PM vows to continue war until Hamas destroyed

Israeli PM vows to continue war until Hamas destroyed Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

Israel plans to wage war on Hamas until the militant group is completely destroyed. This scenario alone would be a victory for Tel Aviv, states Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

"We’re continuing the war to the end. It will continue until Hamas is destroyed — until victory… until all the goals we set are met: destroying Hamas, releasing our hostages and removing the threat from Gaza," emphasizes the head of the Israeli government.

He notes that those who believe Israel will stop are "unmoored from reality."

The Prime Minister emphasizes that all Hamas terrorists, from first to last, "face death." They have only two options: surrender or die.

Israel's war with Hamas

Israel continues its ground operation in the Gaza Strip aimed at eliminating Hamas militants.

The Israel Defense Forces have already taken control of the largest city in the Palestinian enclave—Gaza City—and effectively the southern half of the Gaza Strip.

Currently, the Israeli military advance is ongoing in the north of the enclave.

Just yesterday, on December 19, the President of Israel, Isaac Herzog, stated that his country was prepared for a second humanitarian pause in the war to release hostages.