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Is Ukraine's war at the last stage or just the midpoint? Experts' insights

Is Ukraine's war at the last stage or just the midpoint? Experts' insights Is Ukraine's war at the last stage or just the midpoint? Experts' insights (Getty Images)

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy states that Ukraine is at the final stage of the war, but it may be the most challenging. However, military experts Vladyslav Seleznov and Oleksandr Kovalenko differ in their opinions about the actual stage of the war, according to their comments to RBC-Ukraine.

Yesterday, Zelenskyy gave an interview to the Romanian TV channel Digi24. Journalists ask him when the war against Russia would end, and he replies that no one knows. He also adds that Ukraine is currently at the final stage of the war.

"It is the last part of the war. It's not the middle. The first stage was the occupation, then the halt of the Russian forces' advance and seizing the initiative. I think we are at the last part, the most challenging one," said Zelenskyy.

The third phase of stabilization actions

According to military expert Seleznov, the third phase of the war is indeed ongoing. He explained that the first phase was the Russian invasion, and the second was the launching of the Ukrainian counteroffensive.

"And now is the third phase of stabilization actions, aimed at maximum destruction of the enemy's military potential. In fact, the Ukrainian army is currently carrying out three important missions," he explained.

The first mission, according to the expert, is the destruction of the Russian army's combat potential. The second is the protection of the lives and health of Ukrainian soldiers using available resources.

"The third is derived from the previous two - the liberation of our territories. It's important that the liberation of territories, through the loss of a significant number of personnel, is not a rational approach. A rational approach is to achieve maximum results with minimal efforts," he added.

Midpoint of the war

However, according to a military and political expert of the Information Resistance Group Kovalenko, it is not the last stage of the war, but only its midpoint.

"It may sound a bit cynical, but I look at the war mathematically. I look at the fronts, the number of troops, capabilities, and the proportion of forces and resources. And, in my view, the most challenging part of the war is still ahead. This is not the most difficult part yet. We are somewhere in the middle at best," he explained.

According to Kovalenko, the most challenging part of the war will likely begin when the Ukrainian Armed Forces liberate the left bank of the Kherson region and the Zaporizhzhia region.

"And then, we will be along the front lines with Donetsk and Luhansk regions. We will be deciding the next steps regarding temporarily occupied Crimea. That's when the most challenging part will begin. For now, we are in the middle. It is my personal opinion," the expert concluded.

Zelenskyy also says that the timeline for ending the war in Ukraine depends on the speed and quantity of anti-aircraft defense systems deliveries.