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Irish volunteer killed in fighting for Ukraine

Irish volunteer killed in fighting for Ukraine A volunteer from Ireland was killed in the war (Photo:GettyImages)

Graham Dale, a volunteer from Ireland, died in the war in Ukraine. He fought in the Ukrainian army against the Russian invaders, according to The Irish Times.

Graham Dale, 45, from Dublin, was killed last Friday, December 8, but the exact circumstances of his death have not yet been confirmed.

It is known that he came to Ukraine shortly after the Russian full-scale invasion last year and joined the Ukrainian army.

The Irishman who died fighting for Ukraine had previously served in the U.S. Marine Corps. He enlisted immediately after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

“The Department of Foreign Affairs is aware of the case and providing consular assistance,” a spokesman said. “As with all consular cases, the department does not comment on the details of individual cases.”

Volunteers from around the world are fighting for Ukraine

Volunteers from different countries are fighting on the side of Ukraine in the war against Russia. Unfortunately, some of them were killed in action.

In particular, on September 30, an Estonian volunteer Tanel Krihul was killed near Lyman, Donetsk region.

In addition, four Belarusian volunteers from the Lytvyn and Volat battalions were killed in the war in Ukraine.

Also in October, it became known that a Finnish volunteer soldier was killed at the front in Ukraine.