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iOS 18 sneak peek: 5 new features coming

iOS 18 sneak peek: 5 new features coming iOS 18 sneak peek: 5 new features coming (Getty Images)

Several months before the official release of iOS 18, more and more data is emerging about the upcoming changes to the iPhone operating system. Now confirmed that Apple is actively working on redesigning, marking the first major visual update since iOS 7.

Read below about the new features that will appear in the next update.

Sources: The Verge, MacRumors, TechRadar, Wccftech, Mashable.

Voice control

It is rather problematic to surprise someone with voice control in 2024. However, not all functions can be launched this way as clarity in pronouncing the required phrase is needed.

In the future version of iOS 18, Apple is revising the approach to voice control, implementing it through a new feature in the Accessibility section, where users can set their trigger phrase to launch a specific function.

For example, if pronouncing a certain word is difficult or if you need to shorten the command text, you can configure it in the iPhone settings. This feature is likely to become popular and will be used not only by people with disabilities but also by all iPhone owners.

iOS 18 sneak peek: 5 new features coming

Voice control on iPhone (photo: Reddit)

Text-to-speech on iPhone

Last year, one of the notable features of iOS 17 was Personal Voice, which allows you to record specific text based on which the system generates user speech. This tool is suitable for those at risk of losing the ability to speak.

In iOS 18, this feature will be further improved. Now users can create quick phrases and organize them into categories, making it easier to access ready-made texts. This improvement will help find necessary presets faster, making communication more efficient.

iOS 18 sneak peek: 5 new features coming

Personal Voice on iPhone (photo: AppleInsider)

Font size on iPhone

The Per-App Settings feature is already available in iOS, allowing you to individually adjust the font size for each application.

In the next version of the iPhone operating system, this functionality will be expanded, providing users with even more options for flexible font size adjustment. The full version of this feature will also be available in macOS 15.

At the moment, for macOS Sonoma, the font size can only be adjusted for apps like Calendar, Filder, Mail, Messages, and Notes. However, after the update, Books, News, Stocks, Tips, and Weather will be added. Apple is also working on the ability to change the font size of the macOS status bar, which is located at the top of the screen.

AirPods Pro as a hearing aid

In 2024, there are no new AirPods Pro expected, but Apple plans to make changes to these earphones. After updating to iOS 18, AirPods Pro will receive an improved hearing aid mode.

Although the Live Listen feature has been available on Apple smartphones and earphones since 2018, the new update will allow users to check their hearing using the iPhone on iOS 18 and based on this, optimize Live Listen settings to suit their hearing characteristics.

While the specific changes this mode will bring remain unknown, technology researcher Mark Gurman from Bloomberg promises that this will be a significant event for owners of Apple smartphones and earphones.

iOS 18 sneak peek: 5 new features coming

AirPods Pro (photo: Unsplash)

Siri Voice Assistant on iPhone

In addition to becoming smarter in iOS 18, Siri will receive deep integration with the Shortcuts app. Some of them will no longer need to be created manually. Just tell Siri about it, and it will do it all for you.

For example, just telling Siri to create several photos, combine them into a GIF animation, and send them to friends will be enough. Your smartphone will follow the instructions without even requiring you to touch the screen.

Previously, actions, such as converting photos into GIFs, required creating a command manually, which could cause difficulties for some iPhone owners.

iOS 18 sneak peek: 5 new features coming

Voice assistant Siri (photo: Unsplash)

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