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Internet disappears in Gaza Strip

Internet disappears in Gaza Strip Illustrative photo (24tv)

In the Gaza Strip, the Internet has disappeared. Specifically, some parts of the region are reporting a deterioration in the quality of communication, reports Sky News.

The Internet observatory said that live network data had shown a collapse in connectivity in the region.

"The company is the last major operator providing services against the backdrop of ongoing hostilities with Israel," the statement said.

War in Israel

On October 7, militants from Hamas invaded the territory of Israel. They attacked both military and civilian residents, resulting in many civilian casualties.

In response, Israel announced a military operation. As part of it, militants have already launched several attacks in the deployment areas.

On October 26, Israel conducted a raid on the territory of the Gaza Strip, using tanks for this purpose.

Later, the Israeli army announced that it would continue limited ground raids in the Gaza Strip after infantry and tanks operated for several hours along the border fence, attacking the positions and members of Hamas.