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Interior design trends for summer 2024: Designer tips and what to choose

Interior design trends for summer 2024: Designer tips and what to choose What interior will be popular in the summer of 2024 (illustration: Freepik)

Interior trends this summer in 2024 continue some previous ones, gaining popularity, particularly through the combination of innovative solutions and advanced technologies focusing on comfort.

RBC-Ukraine shares interior design solutions that will become trends this summer.

Connection with nature

Elements of organic modern design form a balanced fusion of smooth lines and neutral surfaces contrasting with natural forms and materials.

The living room is not the only area of the house that suits this style well. This trend can be applied to dining areas, kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

Ecological awareness is becoming not just a trend but a lifestyle. Biophilic elements, sustainable materials, and living walls with plants truly bring nature into the interior.

It can also involve combining natural elements in various surfaces, such as wood, and preferring serene natural tones, mostly browns, greens, and beiges, without bold patterns - always with the addition of lush greenery.

Cozy minimalism

Alongside the previous trend, there is another one - a desire for minimalism and a rejection of clutter.

Warm, serene colors, avoidance of excessive decor, and simplicity in ornamentation help to perfectly balance the interior between functionality, comfort, and style.

At the same time, minimalism is evolving - bright accents emerge, such as geometric shapes, metallic finishes, or textured elements - which highlight the owner's individuality without compromising the style.

Bright colors

In contrast to subdued natural tones, another trend for the summer of 2024 suggests experimenting with bold and vibrant colors.

Popular shades partly continue the natural trend - such as tropical green, blue, and sunny yellow. These hues can evoke feelings of energy, stability, and happiness, making them perfect for reflecting the warmth of summer.

However, these bright colors can be used not only for accent walls but also for accessories or furniture. For example, a colorful rug, bright cushions, or attractive artwork can infuse the interior with summer energy.

Combining patterns, textures, and shades adds dynamism and vitality to the interior. However, when creating bold accents, it's important to consider the overall color palette and style of the space.

Smart home

Smart technologies continue to enhance our lives, integrating into interiors to further increase comfort and convenience. It seems like this trend will persist as long as technology advances.

From voice-controlled lighting to AI-powered home management, these innovations make everyday life simpler, more efficient, and undoubtedly cooler, forming the basis of the trend.

However, it's not just about technology but also about aesthetics - particularly, a certain minimalism and practicality in design - hiding wires and opting for multifunctional furniture with built-in charging stations and storage compartments are part of it.

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