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Increased number of casualties reported in Dnipro following Russian missile attack

Increased number of casualties reported in Dnipro following Russian missile attack Photo: The number of people injured in Dnipro after the Russian shelling on April 19 increased to 24 (
Author: Liliana Oleniak

In Dnipro, the number of people injured in the Russian missile attack on April 19 increased from 16 to 24. In the Synelnykove district, there are already 7 victims, according to the head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Military Administration Serhii Lysak.

"In Dnipro, the number of victims has increased to 24 people. Emergency search operations continue in the most damaged building," he says.

Russian missile attack on Ukraine aftermath


5 more high-rise buildings 2 private houses, 3 educational institutions, 7 administrative and office buildings, a market, shops and trade pavilions, a hotel, and a service station were damaged in Dnipro. And almost fifty cars. The town's infrastructure was also destroyed.

Synelnykove district

In Synelnykove district, the number of wounded increased to 7 people. In addition, more than 60 private houses and cars were damaged. A solar power plant was destroyed. The enterprise was damaged.

Russian shelling of Dnipropetrovsk region

On April 19, the Russian troops launched a combined attack on Ukraine, using almost 40 missiles and drones. The Ukrainian air defense system managed to shoot down 14 Shaheds and 15 missiles, including Kh-22, which had not been shot down before due to their supersonic speed. The Russians concentrated their main attack on the Dnipropetrovsk region.

Although air defense in the skies over the region shot down 11 missiles out of 16 and 9 Shaheds out of 10, in Dnipro, 16 wounded and two killed were initially reported. Here, the railroad infrastructure suffered the most, with seven railroad workers wounded and another Ukrzaliznytsia employee killed. In the Synelnykove district, six deaths were initially reported, including two children, aged 8 and 14, and six injured. In Kryvyi Rih, 3 more people were injured.