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In Black Sea, calm prevails as Russians now shaping next tactics - Ukrainian Navy

In Black Sea, calm prevails as Russians now shaping next tactics - Ukrainian Navy Photo: Ukrainian Navy spokesperson Dmytro Pletenchuk (Facebook)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

After the destruction of the Ivanovets missile boat, the Black Sea is quiet. The Russians are now formulating their further tactics, according to Dmytro Pletenchuk, spokesperson for the Ukrainian Navy.

"War is always a search for action and counteraction. That is, the reaction of any party is always a reaction to the actions taken by the enemy. In this particular situation, there was another case, and it is different from the previous ones," he says.

Pletenchuk emphasizes that such ingenuity was shown that as a result, the Russians were faced with another deadlock.

"And now the enemy, firstly, is figuring out why this situation became possible, and secondly, it is, of course, now formulating its further tactics, its further actions, and, accordingly, this is why there is such a lull. The enemy is now deciding how to behave further at sea. Because, unfortunately, there is no permanent antidote to the Russians," he says.

The Navy spokesperson adds that technology is evolving, and the Russian occupiers are also learning and responding to Ukrainian inventions.

"That's why now is the time when they are learning," he emphasizes.

Russian boat Ivanovets sinking

On the night of February 1, fighters from one of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine's units destroyed the Russian Black Sea Fleet's Ivanovets missile boat with MAGURA V5 naval drones. The cost of the ship is 60-70 million dollars.

This boat was considered the "pride" of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. According to the representative of the DIU Andrii Yusov, there were only three such boats in Russia.

Read more about the boat Ivanovets, which was sunk by the DIU drones, in the RBC-Ukraine article.

After the Ivanovets boat was destroyed, Russian troops hid the missile carriers with Kalibrs in their basing points.