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If Kremlin is not stopped, cost will be much higher for everyone - Moldova's President

If Kremlin is not stopped, cost will be much higher for everyone - Moldova's President Photo: President of Moldova Maia Sandu (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin will not stop in Ukraine on his own unless he is stopped, said Moldova's president, Maia Sandu.

When asked whether Ukraine can survive without the support of Western countries and what could be the consequences of stopping or reducing this support for Ukraine and Moldova, she said, "Everyone must understand that Putin will not stop unless he is stopped, and if Putin is not stopped, the cost will be much higher for everyone. Of course, Ukraine is making an ultimate sacrifice."

According to her, if the Kremlin is not stopped, everyone will have to bear much higher costs. It is in the interests of everyone, not only Ukraine and Moldova, for Ukraine to win this war and to be helped.

Moldova is training Ukrainian sappers

Sandu relies on and believes in the unity of the democratic world and hopes that Ukraine will continue to receive all the necessary support.

The president also stated that Moldova is trying to help in every way it can, including training Ukrainian sappers, providing support to a large number of refugees who have decided to stay in Moldova, and offering humanitarian assistance.

"Every time I have the opportunity, I speak about the need to support Ukraine," she said.

Russian influence on Moldova

Recall that the pro-Russian Shor party in Moldova organized protests to overthrow the current government and demanded the impeachment of President Maia Sandu. In June 2023, the Constitutional Court of Moldova banned the activities of Shor.

Earlier, Moldova's president, Maia Sandu, stated that Russia was bribing voters in local elections held in November.

Additionally, Chisinau is attempting to combat Russian propaganda. In October 2023, Moldova blocked access to 22 Russian propaganda television channels.