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IDF eliminates Hamas' military base in northern Gaza

IDF eliminates Hamas' military base in northern Gaza IDF eliminates Hamas' military base (photo: Getty Images)

The Israeli army has completed the destruction of the Hamas military framework in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, states the IDF spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, according to The Times of Israel.

According to him, it took three months to inflict a significant defeat on Hamas in northern Gaza, preventing the terrorist group's battalions from carrying out large-scale attacks.

"We have completed dismantling the military framework of Hamas in the northern part of the Strip, and we will continue to deepen the achievement, strengthen the barrier and defenses on the border," he said.

The IDF spokesman warned that despite the victory over Hamas in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, sporadic rocket attacks on Israel are still possible from these areas.

"We struck, and will continue to strike, and continue to deepen the achievements in these areas, but it takes time," Hagari said.

He added that the IDF is currently focused on eliminating Hamas in central and southern Gaza.

"We will do it in a different method, in a thorough way, based on the lessons we have learned from the fighting until now," he said.

According to him, the refugee camps in central Gaza are "dense and full of terrorists," and Khan Younis is an "underground city of branching tunnels."

"It will take time, the fighting will continue throughout 2024. We are working according to a plan to achieve the goals of the war: to dismantle Hamas in the center and south, and continue all efforts, intelligence, operational, and military pressure, to return the hostages," Hagari said.

He added that at the same time, the IDF is building new defenses along the Gaza border to allow residents displaced since October 7 to return to their homes.

Israel's war with Hamas

On October 7, Hamas militants invaded Israel. The terrorists began killing and kidnapping both military and civilians. Soon after, Jerusalem announced Operation Iron Swords and shelled terrorist sites in the Gaza Strip.

On November 24, a temporary truce began between Jerusalem and the militants to release prisoners, with Qatar acting as a mediator. Already on December 1, hostilities resumed, according to Israel, due to a violation of the truce by Hamas.

On December 20, Israel offered the Palestinians to conclude a truce for a week again. However, Hamas rejected the proposal.

Recently it became known that the Israeli Army will withdraw some of its brigades from the Gaza Strip. Such actions are due to the successful seizure of control in the region.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu named three conditions that must be met to end the war against the Palestinian militants of Hamas in the Gaza Strip.