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Hungary accuses NATO countries of taking huge steps towards war

Hungary accuses NATO countries of taking huge steps towards war Photo: Peter Szijjarto, Hungarian Foreign Minister (Getty Images)
Author: Daryna Vialko

Hungary disagrees with the position of NATO countries regarding assistance to Ukraine. Budapest believes that the Alliance is "taking huge steps towards war", according to the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs Peter Szijjártó.

He mentioned that Hungary wouldn't participate either in NATO's fund for Ukraine of 100 billion euros or in the Alliance's plans to coordinate military aid to Ukraine and training for Ukrainian soldiers.

"NATO has crossed its own red lines and is taking huge steps towards war, while direct confrontation carries the risk of starting the Third World War," Szijjártó stated.

He added that NATO countries consider the war in Ukraine to be their war. This idea is the opposite of Budapest's position.

"Those who believe that this is our war support the continuation of the war until Ukraine's victory,” the Minister said.

In his opinion, “the only realistic way” to end the war is diplomacy.

The scandalous position of Hungary

For two years of the full-scale war in Ukraine, Hungary has been refusing to provide military assistance to Ukrainian defenders. Meanwhile, Budapest continues its diplomatic and economic relations with Moscow.

Hungarian officials, including Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, are against supplying weapons to Ukraine.

At the end of January, Szijjártó promised that military assistance would not be provided in the future as well.