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Hungarian minister calls for 'strategic debates' on EU policy toward Ukraine

Hungarian minister calls for 'strategic debates' on EU policy toward Ukraine Janos Bóka (Photo: facebook com BokaJanosMiniszter)
Author: Daria Shekina

The European Union's policy towards Ukraine should be shaped through strategic debates, states Hungary's Minister for EU Affairs, János Bóka.

Hungary's Minister for EU Affairs, János Bóka, states ahead of the meeting of EU Ministers for Affairs that "without a strategic debate, we are not in a position to make decisions on further steps in Ukraine’s accession or the review of the multiannual financial framework"

According to him, the debates should demonstrate the results already achieved through the EU strategy supporting Ukraine, including provided resources, their utilization, achieved outcomes, as well as strategies for overcoming difficulties.

Minister seeks to develop an alternative strategy

Bóka mentions that the resilience of the EU strategy should also be subject to discussion.

"The EU had built its course of action on the assumption that Ukraine would win the war and prompt a political reshuffle in Moscow, he said. Should that presumption become untenable, the EU should outline an alternative strategy with the aim of creating a functional security system in Europe, he said," the material states.

Hungary's Stance on Ukraine's EU Membership

Previously, the European Commission recommended EU countries to commence membership negotiations with Ukraine. Hungary's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Péter Szijjártó, stated that his country opposed Ukraine's accession to the EU until the war with Russia was resolved.

It was also reported that the Hungarian government planned to conduct a public survey on supporting Ukraine's EU membership during the thirteenth annual consultations with the population.