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How to store things under bed: Tips and life hacks

How to store things under bed: Tips and life hacks How to use the space under bed (illustrative photo: Freepik)

The space under the bed usually ends up being a haven for dust, but with a little preparation, it can become the perfect storage spot for items you rarely use.

Martha Stewart discusses how to store items under the bed effectively without creating clutter and saving space in the room.

Update the bed frame

The simplest, though not the most budget-friendly option, is to update the bed frame by purchasing one that already has built-in storage.

Such storage bed frames typically feature drawers that slide out from the sides or the foot of the bed, making it easy to store items without compromising on aesthetics.

There are also bed frame options that incorporate a full pull-out construction, meaning a single large drawer for storage.

Use vacuum storage bags

The space under the bed often accumulates dust because it's difficult to reach with traditional cleaning tools like brooms and vacuums.

That's why it's important to use airtight containers and storage bags that keep your items clean.

Additionally, vacuum storage bags are a great way to maximize the space under the bed, allowing you to store bulky items such as blankets or winter coats in a compact package.

Since air is removed from the bags to make them smaller, items take up less space.

Store items in drawers

If you prefer storing items in drawers, boxes, or bins under the bed, consider models with wheels for easier access, especially if the containers are too heavy to lift.

Ensure your chosen option seals tightly. Whether it's a lid or a zipper closure, this will protect your items from dust until you're ready to use them again.

Utilize space for seasonal clothing

Seasonal clothing is ideal for under-bed storage. In winter, store swimsuits, beach towels, and shorts here, and in summer, switch to sweaters, thermal wear, and boots.

Shoes are another common category that can be stored in this area. Additionally, clean bedding can be stored under the bed, but it should be kept in closed containers to prevent dust and dirt.

Label with descriptive stickers

If you store multiple items, use stickers or labels on boxes or bags with descriptions.

It's easy to forget what's stored under the bed, especially if the packaging is not transparent. Clear labeling not only helps identify what's in each container but also makes it easier to find what you need quickly.

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