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How to properly store spices: Why transparent containers are worst option

How to properly store spices: Why transparent containers are worst option Where to store spices (illustration:

Fragrant spices capable of transforming an ordinary dish into a true culinary masterpiece are present in almost every kitchen. But not everyone knows that the popular method of storing paprika, pepper, cinnamon, and other seasonings is not very effective. It simply ruins your spices, as they simply lose all their flavor and qualities.

Mirror explains how to properly store spices and which method turned out to be ineffective.

Can spices be stored in transparent glass or plastic

Transparent containers or jars made of glass, into which spices can be poured, are very popular nowadays. Moreover, Instagrammable and Pinterest-worthy organizers are being sold, where all spices can be beautifully displayed. However, this option is suitable only for those who want to create an attractive picture rather than preserve the taste and aroma of spices.

Founder of Seasoned Pioneers, Matt Webster, urges people to abandon the "Instagram aesthetics." According to him, organizers with transparent containers are the worst option for storing spices.

Які спеції корисні для здоров'я (фото: Freepik)

Proper spice storage (Illustration:

Where to store spices and whether they have a shelf life

According to Webster, spices can typically be stored for 2-3 years. However, if you follow all the rules, spices will not spoil even for 5 years.

"Spices should always be stored in airtight and opaque containers if you want to preserve the aromas and texture of the spices. It's recommended to use spices stored in pouches as opposed to glass or clear plastic containers," explained the expert.

Also, spices should not be placed near sources of heat. Do not store spices near household appliances, in direct sunlight, or near the oven. Also, keep them as far away from light as possible.

Які спеції корисно додавати у їжу (ілюстрація:\

Can spices be stored in transparent containers (illustration:

"The loss of aroma, flavor and color will happen through a process called oxidation – something that is facilitated by factors such as UV light and heat, and the oils that give spices all their delicious, unique and powerful flavors will evaporate around the 37.°C mark," Webster added.

If spices have lost or altered their aroma, darkened, and are no longer as flavorful, they cannot be saved. Spoiled spices should be discarded.

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