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Not only coffee: These things ruin your sleep at night

Not only coffee: These things ruin your sleep at night Things that ruin your sleep at night (photo: Freepik)

It often happens that a person finds it difficult to fall asleep even if they have given up coffee or tea in the evening (after all, these drinks are often cited as the cause of insomnia). However, there are two things that will definitely interfere with a good night's rest, but few people realize it.

Sources: Mirror, website of the Center for Public Health of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Why it's hard to fall asleep - two reasons

Of course, if you drink coffee in the evening, your sleep can be affected. But if you have given it up and nothing has changed, the reason is clearly different.

As it turns out, sleep problems are caused by bad habits. We are talking about something that is already dangerous to health. But not everyone knows that these things also have a negative impact on sleep.

Not only coffee: These things ruin your sleep at night

Why insomnia occurs (photo: Freepik)

We are talking about nicotine and alcohol. If a person smokes or drinks before going to bed, they will not be able to get a good night's rest.

"Although alcohol can often make you fall asleep faster, drinking it before bed can cause fragmented sleep and may cause frequent waking during the night," doctors say.

That is why you should stop drinking alcohol four hours before bedtime. This will allow the body to cope with harmful substances at least a little bit and tune in to a good night's rest.

This also applies to nicotine. Doctors have found that it prevents the body from falling asleep quickly.

Not only coffee: These things ruin your sleep at night

Why insomnia occurs (photo: Freepik)

How to fall asleep if you don't want to

The doctors at the Public Health Center recommend using one of three methods. They will allow you to quickly tune in to sleep and relax, even if you are overcome by disturbing thoughts. These are:

  • the military method - relax the muscles of the whole body, do it gradually, starting with the face. Then try not to think about anything for 10 seconds, or imagine something very calm
  • a method of dealing with anxiety - try muscle relaxation (tense all the muscles of the body and stay in this state as long as possible, then relax sharply and try to repeat the same, but then "release" the muscles one by one)
  • a tricky method is to convince yourself that you don't want to sleep at all, keep repeating this thought, and then your body will definitely want to tuck you in for the whole night.

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