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How to find time for love: Psychologist's advice

How to find time for love: Psychologist's advice How to find time for love (photo: Freepik)

Quite often, we cannot (or do not want to) find time for building relationships because we prioritize work, personal matters, or simply want to be with our thoughts, and our partner may suffer. Ukrainian psychologist Dmytro Ostapenko shares how to find time for relationships.

Psychologist provided advice on how busy individuals can find time for relationships

"It is important to remember that every man, every woman has things that make them feel happy in relationships. For example, when a man works a lot, earns good money, has a favorite business, or is actively building a career, it's great, and we certainly do not devalue that. However, his wife may need to spend 15-20 minutes with him, just sitting and talking. Without a phone, without a tablet, even without him thinking about his business during this time, because we feel when our loved one is close to us, but mentally somewhere far away," the psychologist recommends.

"It's essential to understand that loved ones need time with us. Whether it's 10-15 minutes a day, for many families, this is more than enough to maintain a critical level of communication. Focus on the quality of those 10-15 minutes," continues Dmytro.

Психолог сказав, як зайнятим людям знайти час для стосунків

How to find time for love (photo: Freepik)

Nothing prevents waking up earlier and simply asking, "How are you doing?" "How did you sleep?" "What are your plans for today?" This creates an emotional connection and shows that he is interested in your life.

According to the psychologist, you can spend even 2 hours together watching a movie, but if it's not quality time spent, it's better to wisely allocate at least 15-20 minutes for meaningful conversations and be fully immersed in your partner. That way, everything will be fine.

Therefore, finding time for a loved one and building relationships is not that difficult; it's essential to have the desire and understand that you don't want to lose this person, and be able to prioritize effectively.

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