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How to boost self-esteem in 2024: 5 ways

How to boost self-esteem in 2024: 5 ways Ways to increase self-esteem (photo: Freepik)

Self-esteem is what drives a person's behavior and interactions with the world. Someone with confidence fears nothing, while someone with low self-esteem may live in doubt.

The psychological portal Meclee reports on how to boost self-esteem in 2024.

Working on beliefs

Self-esteem is a collection of our thoughts and feelings about ourselves. Try to approach them more consciously. Pay attention to the automatic conclusions you make about yourself in different situations and analyze how realistic they are: "If I don't get a promotion, I'm just a failure."

When you notice that your beliefs are imposed on you by someone or do not correspond to reality, rephrase them in a more positive manner: "If I don't get a promotion, I'll pay attention to feedback and try again."

Holistic self-perception

Individuals with low self-esteem often tend to generalize and see themselves only from one perspective: "I am a failure because I can't do this," "Nothing works out for me," "What's wrong with me?" This leads to constant vulnerability and fragility of self-esteem.

An alternative to this is a more holistic self-perception: "Yes, I didn't succeed in this right now, but I excel in these areas." "Indeed, things didn't go as planned, but I put in effort and learned from this." Seek support in what you excel at and balance areas that need development.

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Ways to boost self-esteem (Photo: Freepik)

Caring and warm attitude towards yourself

How do you treat the people who are dear to you? Your actions reflect your love and respect for them. Conversely, it works the other way around: those to whom we show care and warmth become closer to us.

So why not direct this towards yourself? Start paying more attention to yourself, taking care of your physical and mental health, engaging in activities you enjoy, and spending time with people who make you feel good. Self-love doesn't happen overnight, but you can start with self-friendship. Try approaching yourself with curiosity and compassion, and you'll see how it strengthens your self-esteem.

Developing your strengths

Our self-esteem is closely tied to our actions and achievements, and it's easiest to express ourselves in areas where we feel confident. We often know our weaknesses well, but we may not pay enough attention to our strengths.

However, it is in our strengths that the key to feeling valuable lies. Write down everything you excel at and regularly dedicate time to these activities. It's great if you can do this in the company of others; this way, you can receive positive feedback from other people. Make your strengths your calling card.

Healthy environment

Self-esteem doesn't develop in isolation; it is shaped within society. Choose social circles that strengthen your confidence and support you, and confidently distance yourself from contacts that undermine your sense of worth.

In your interactions, learn to pay attention to compliments and kind words directed at you, and accept them with gratitude. Gradually, you will notice that you treat yourself better, indicating an improvement in your self-esteem.

Sometimes the roots of low self-esteem lie deep in one's experiences, and it might be challenging to boost it independently. In such cases, working with a psychologist or psychotherapist can be helpful. They can create an atmosphere of acceptance and safety, helping you understand what influences your self-esteem and guiding you to find unique ways to enhance it.

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