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Hamburg administration transfers demining vehicle to Ukraine

Hamburg administration transfers demining vehicle to Ukraine Photo: Hamburg Senator for the Interior Andy Grote (Getty Images)
Author: Daryna Vialko

Andy Grote, Hamburg senator for the Interior, symbolically transferred the first of four demining vehicles to Ukraine's Ambassador to Germany Oleksii Makeiev, according to BR24.

Starting from June, they will be used for neutralizing explosive objects in Ukraine. Three more devices will be delivered in August.

"The mining of large areas of Ukraine is one of the biggest dangers that the war poses to the country's population. Therefore, we are very glad to be able to use our experience in neutralizing explosive objects in Hamburg to help reduce the number of people killed by mines in Ukraine," said Grote.

Germany's assistance to Ukraine

Germany plays an important role in supporting Ukraine by providing comprehensive military, political, and financial assistance. Germany's military assistance is vital for Ukraine's defense capabilities.

Beyond the military sphere, Germany also actively supports Ukraine's accession to the EU. Chancellor Olaf Scholz has played an important role in promoting this issue.

However, not all cooperation issues have been resolved. In particular, negotiations continue regarding the transfer of the long-range missile Taurus to Ukraine, despite Scholz's opposition.