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Greek frigate stops Houthi attack on vessel in Gulf of Aden

Greek frigate stops Houthi attack on vessel in Gulf of Aden Illustrative photo (Getty Images)

This morning, the Greek frigate Psara prevented a Houthi attack on a commercial vessel in the Gulf of Aden, reports Kathimerini.

The Houthis tried to attack the ship with drones. Responding to the four drones, the crew of the Greek frigate used a drone countermeasure system and its gun.

Two drones were shot down and two more disappeared.

The Greek frigate has now continued its mission as usual.

Houthis in the Red Sea

After the armed conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants led by Hamas broke out on October 7, 2023, the Houthis targeted the Red Sea shipping routes.

Attacks on ships have forced the world's largest shipping companies to avoid the area.

The situation in the waters deteriorated greatly on November 19, after Houthi rebels seized the cargo ship Galaxy Leader (a British vessel operated by a Japanese company) with 25 crew members on board, including Ukrainians.

Earlier, Germany agreed to send the Hessen frigate to the Red Sea.

Yesterday, the US destroyed Houthi ships and a radar station in the Red Sea.