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Germany wants to buy four additional Patriot systems - Bloomberg

Germany wants to buy four additional Patriot systems - Bloomberg Illustrative photo: Germany wants to buy additional Patriot air defense systems (Getty Images)
Author: Daryna Vialko

Germany is considering the possibility of buying four additional Patriot air defense systems worth 1.2 billion euros, as reported by Bloomberg.

"The plans are at an early stage and officials are still assessing how to finance the expanded order, which could lift the overall price tag to about €2.6 billion," writes the agency.

At the same time, a representative of the German Ministry of Defense refused to comment on specific procurement projects but stated that the government wanted to better equip the armed forces.

In March of this year, Germany announced the purchase of four Patriots, with the first one expected to be delivered by the end of next year.

In other words, Germany plans to receive a total of eight air defense systems.

Patriot systems in the world

Germany recently announced the transfer of one Patriot air defense system to Ukraine.

However, as a result of one of Russia's shelling of Ukraine on November 15, 2022, missile fragments fell on the territory of the Polish city of Przewodów in Lublin Voivodeship, killing two people. After that, Germany offered Poland to deploy Patriot systems on the border to protect NATO airspace.

In December of the same year, the countries agreed to transfer the systems, and at the end of January of the following year, Germany began deploying its air defense system in Poland.