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German Foreign Ministry urges citizens not to travel to Israel and leave Iran

German Foreign Ministry urges citizens not to travel to Israel and leave Iran Photo: The German Foreign Ministry urged citizens not to travel to Israel and Iran (Getty Images)

Germany's government is urging its citizens not to travel to Israel. Additionally, Germans are advised to leave Iran, according to the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"Together with our partners, we are doing everything possible to prevent the escalation of the situation in the Middle East. German citizens in the region, please pay attention to our safety instructions. There is a travel warning for Iran, Israel, and Palestinian territories," the message said.

The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs also calls on Germans in Iran to leave the country. Germany notes that embassies in Tehran and the region have taken necessary precautionary measures.

Additionally, Germans in Israel and Iran are advised to register on the crisis readiness list.


On April 1, as a result of a missile strike on the Syrian capital Damascus, the building of the Iranian consulate was destroyed. At least seven Iranians were killed, including two generals.

Iran accused Israel of the attack and promised a "harsh" response. In turn, Israel warned Iran that if attacked from its territory, the country would retaliate. Tel Aviv noted that the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) is on heightened alert.

Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal, citing its sources, reported that Iran could attack Israel within the next 24-48 hours, but the attack plan is not yet ready.

According to CNN, the US is observing movements of weapons within Iran.

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