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US spots missile and drone movement in Iran - CNN

US spots missile and drone movement in Iran - CNN Illustrative photo (getty images)

The US has observed Iran moving military assets within the country, including drones and cruise missiles, signaling potential preparations to attack Israeli targets from its territory, according to CNN.

According to two sources close to US intelligence, cited by the American channel, this could also indicate Iran's attempt to deter Israel or the US from a potential counterattack on its territory.

One of the sources said that the US had observed Iran preparing up to 100 cruise missiles.

The Iranians, according to the source, want their strike on Israel to be "significant." However, they also want to avoid direct war with Israel and the US. Therefore, according to US intelligence assessment, Iran may use its proxy forces to carry out the first attack.

Threat of war between Iran and Israel

Recall that on April 1, a missile strike was launched on the Syrian capital Damascus. As a result of the attack, the building of the Iranian consulate was completely destroyed. 13 people were killed, including a senior commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Mohammad Reza Zahedi.

Iran officially accused Israel of the attack and promised a "harsh" response. Israel did not comment on the event.

The US has declared a state of heightened readiness due to the possibility of an Iranian strike on targets in Israel, including American ones.

Commenting on the potential Iranian strike, US President Joe Biden said on April 12 that "it will happen sooner than later," urging Tehran not to do so and assuring the commitment of the United States to defend Israel.

On the evening of April 12, more than 50 rockets were launched from Lebanon into Israel.

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