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German Bundesrat President Manuela Schwesig arrives in Kyiv

German Bundesrat President Manuela Schwesig arrives in Kyiv Photo: Manuela Schwesig, President of Bundesrat (Getty Images)

The President of the Bundesrat of Germany, Manuela Schwesig, has arrived in Kyiv on a working visit, reports BR24.

"This is a sign of solidarity from all 16 federal states with Ukraine. Ukraine must win this war, and it cannot be allowed that Russia gets away with this aggression," she said.

Schwesig's trip was also intended to counter the voices increasingly heard against supporting Ukraine, particularly in eastern Germany. Her mission was to defend the German government's course against these sentiments.

Germany's assistance to Ukraine

Since the beginning of Russia's large-scale military aggression against Ukraine, Germany has emerged as one of the key suppliers of military aid to Ukrainian defenders. Its level of support is the most significant among all European countries.

One of the most important steps was the decision to provide Ukraine with modern Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems. This weapon system significantly strengthens the country's air defense, making it more resilient to enemy aircraft attacks and missile strikes.

Recently, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock spoke about serious consequences for Berlin and NATO if aid to Ukraine were withdrawn.

In addition, German Finance Minister Christian Lindner called on the government to communicate more openly on policy issues regarding Ukraine.