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Gepard anti-aircraft systems and more: Germany sends new batch of weapons to Ukraine

Gepard anti-aircraft systems and more: Germany sends new batch of weapons to Ukraine Illustrative photo (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

Germany has updated its list of military aid supplied to Ukraine today, December 22. Berlin has delivered additional Gepard anti-aircraft guns to Kyiv, according to the German government's official page.

The reported assistance Ukraine received from Germany includes three Gepard anti-aircraft installations and 30,240 rounds for them. Other items on the aid list consist of:

  • 10 Vector drones
  • Ammunition for the Leopard 2A6 tanks
  • 2 HX81 tractors
  • 5 HX81 semi-trailers
  • 8 Zetros trucks
  • 2 WiSENT 1 MC mine clearance vehicles
  • 2 border guard vehicles
  • 8 transport vehicles
  • AMPS communication protection systems for helicopters
  • 2,500 rounds of 155mm ammunition
  • 25,536 rounds of 40mm ammunition for automatic grenade launchers

Supplies are sourced from industrial stocks and funded by German security strengthening funds. Some deliveries require modernization or are still in production. Training activities are also ongoing.

Germany's aid

Germany's assistance to Ukraine involves various military, political, and financial support. Berlin has provided artillery, Leopard tanks of older and newer models, IRIS-T and Patriot anti-aircraft systems, ammunition, vehicles, drones, and other arms.

Additionally, Germany recently completed training for the second group of Ukrainian Patriot SAM operators. The training involved 70 Ukrainian soldiers and officers over a course that lasted more than six weeks.

Last month, Germany announced its plan to double military aid to Ukraine in 2024, reaching 8 billion euros.