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Georgia commented on refusal of government's visit to US

Georgia commented on refusal of government's visit to US Georgia commented on the refusal of the government's visit to the United States (photo: GettyImages)

The Government of Georgia has declined an invitation from the US to discuss strategic partnership and assistance, reports Ekho Kavkazu.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia confirmed receiving the invitation from the Prime Minister. However, before the visit, parliament was supposed to temporarily suspend consideration of the bill On Transparency of Foreign Influence.

"Conducting a visit with reservations does not correspond to the spirit of partnership, which should be based on mutual respect and trust, which is why a detailed explanation was provided to the US Embassy," the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

The US Embassy in Georgia stated Ambassador Robin Dunnigan.

"Recently, we invited high-ranking officials of the Georgian government to discuss strategic partnership issues and US assistance with US officials. Unfortunately, the Georgian side preferred to decline this invitation. We urge the Government of Georgia to reaffirm its commitment to Georgia's Euro-Atlantic future, as stated," Dunnigan said.

Protests in Georgia

Protests are taking place in Georgia over the adoption of a controversial bill on foreign agents.

Earlier, we reported that according to the US, Georgia risks its ties with NATO and the EU due to the foreign agents bill.

We also reported that the Georgian parliament has declared a red level of danger due to the protests.