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US warns Georgia of risks to NATO and EU relations due to foreign agents law

US warns Georgia of risks to NATO and EU relations due to foreign agents law Photo: US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller (Getty Images)
Author: Daryna Vialko

The United States has warned Georgia that its relations with NATO and the EU could be at risk due to the foreign agents law, according to the statement of US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller.

He stated that the US condemns the Kremlin-inspired law on foreign influence.

"This legislation and Georgian Dream’s anti-Western rhetoric put Georgia on a precarious trajectory. The statements and actions of the Georgian government are incompatible with the democratic values that underpin membership in the EU and NATO and thus jeopardize Georgia’s path to Euro-Atlantic integration," the statement says.

The State Department spokesperson also noted that Georgia's decision mischaracterizes foreign assistance, which has been provided for 32 years to strengthen the Georgian economy, democracy, and ability to deter Russian aggression, fundamentally undermining relations between the US and Georgia.

"We stand with the Georgian people and their right to have their voices heard. We condemn the use of violence against peaceful protests, including against journalists covering the demonstrations," added Miller.

The controversial law

For two weeks, protests have been ongoing in Georgia over the controversial law on foreign agents, which is very similar to Russia's restrictive law. The Georgian parliament passed the scandalous document in the second reading, despite large-scale protests.

EU and NATO leaders have threatened Georgia with possible future membership if the law comes into effect.

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