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Blood Moon: Which three zodiac signs doomed to bad luck

Blood Moon: Which three zodiac signs doomed to bad luck This time the Moon is to test someone's strength (photo: Getty Images)

The next full moon, also called the Hunting or Blood Moon, will occur on October 28. Who should prepare for the negative and who is doomed to failure in all areas, writes Spiritualify.

This period will bring great disappointment to the representatives of the three zodiac signs.


The full moon will give you a lot of temptations. You may think about a secret affair. An affair will not lead to anything good. You should control yourself, and resist the urge to act dishonestly.

You should think about how you would feel about a loved one's betrayal. It will definitely upset you, so don't play with fire. Don't offend those who trust you, otherwise, the boomerang effect will bring you a lot of grief.


You risk getting lost in your own fantasies. Try not to lose sight of reality, think soberly and appropriately. Otherwise, you risk drowning in the ocean of your own dreams, forgetting about something really important.

If you suffer from loneliness, then on the day of the full moon, the desire to start an affair will become irresistible. However, you shouldn't rush into the maelstrom headlong. Save yourself from upset and disappointment.


You shouldn't take risks and try your luck. Unfortunately, it's definitely not on your side. You'll probably be willing to do a lot to escape loneliness, but all of these sacrifices will be in vain.

Listen carefully to everything you are told. Sometimes you need to read people's emotions and recognize overt flattery. Someone can hide their cunning plans behind compliments and praise. Try not to fall into the trap, analyze every word, and do not believe everyone who is kind to you.