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Freedom of Russia Legion reveals significant losses of Russian army

Freedom of Russia Legion reveals significant losses of Russian army Photo: The Freedom of Russia Legion told about the Russia's large-scale losses (lehion-svoboda-rosiyi)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

During the several days of the raid, hundreds of pieces of Russian equipment were destroyed and damaged in Russia. Also, more than 600 Russian occupants were killed, and almost 30 more were taken prisoner, according to the Freedom of Russia Legion.

"In a few days of a limited military operation on the territory of Belgorod and Kursk regions against Putin's troops, our enemy suffered huge losses in manpower and equipment," the Freedom of Russia Legion informs.

As of the morning of March 18, the losses of the Russian army in the Belgorod and Kursk regions amounted to:


  • irrecoverable losses: 613 servicemen

  • sanitary losses: 829 servicemen

  • captured: 27 servicemen

Destroyed equipment:

  • 7 tanks (including three T-72, one T-72BZ)
  • 20 infantry fighting vehicles (including BMP-2, BMP-3)
  • 6 D-30 howitzers
  • 4 armored personnel carriers
  • 4 mortars
  • 2 MT-12 Rapira
  • 2 2S19 Msta-S
  • 2 ZALA UAVs
  • 1 BM 21 Grad
  • 1 easel-mounted anti-tank grenade launcher
  • 1 Murom complex
  • 1 electronic warfare station
  • 1 repeater
  • 2 units of armored vehicles
  • 2 units of engineering equipment (excavators)
  • 57 units of various automotive equipment (heavy and light)

Equipment out of service:

  • 1 T-80PVM tank
  • 1 T-72 tank
  • 1 armored personnel carrier
  • 1 BM 21 Grad
  • 2 MT-LBS
  • 1 Msta-B
  • 1 TOS-2
  • 1 BM 21 Grad
  • 1 2C1 Gvozdika
  • 1 electronic warfare station
  • 1 armored vehicle
  • 20 units of various automotive equipment (heavy and light)

"Also, places of concentration of personnel, ammunition depots, dugouts, towers with antenna complexes, fortifications, video surveillance cameras, a cellular communication station, a bridge in the village of Gorky, etc. were destroyed or damaged," the statement says.

According to Freedom of Russia Legion, against the backdrop of the successful raid of Russian volunteers into the territory of the Russian Federation, "Putin's image as a figure who can allegedly keep the situation in the country under control has suffered the most damage."

The fighters of the Siberian Battalion managed to successfully strike at one of the Russian tanks in the village of Zamostye.

Volunteer troops' raid in Russia

On March 12, it became known that volunteers of the Freedom of Russia Legion, Russian Volunteer Corps, and Siberian Battalion, who are fighting on the side of Ukraine, had broken through the Russian border. These volunteer battalions entered the Kursk and Belgorod regions from the territory of Ukraine. Later, the soldiers took control of the village of Tetkino in the Kursk region of the Russian Federation.

Later, on March 14, residents of Belgorod complained about "airplanes" and Russian media claimed that the DRG had allegedly broken through in the Belgorod region. Heavy fighting was also reported in the village of Kozynka.

Earlier, Russian volunteer troops announced strikes on Russian military positions in Belgorod and Kursk, and residents of both regions were urged to evacuate.

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