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Tanks and fighting: Russian volunteer corps break through Russian border

Tanks and fighting: Russian volunteer corps break through Russian border Russian volunteers break through to the territory of the Belgorod region (
Author: Maria Kholina

Russian volunteer corps have crossed into the territory of the Belgorod region, Russia. They are currently advancing through the region in several directions.

Below are more details regarding their objectives and precise location within the Belgorod region.

Sources used in compiling this report include the Telegram channel of Freedom of Russia Legion, RBC-Ukraine, the Telegram channel Astra, and the Telegram channel Siberian Battalion.

Indeed, this morning, fighters from the Freedom of Russia Legion (FRL) announced their return to Russian territory. They justified their actions citing years of oppression under the Russian government's leadership and a desire to liberate the people of Russia from the Kremlin's dictatorship.

"The Legion marches to 'elections'," they concluded.

Subsequently, RBC-Ukraine's sources confirmed the entry of Russian volunteer corps into the Belgorod region. According to reports, they have advanced in several directions.

Additionally, volunteer corps from the Siberian Battalion have also entered Russian territory. They have released a corresponding video showing a group of fighters advancing along a forested area.

"We previously said that toppling the criminal dictatorial regime in Russia peacefully is not feasible. It can only be done by force. Tonight, we began fulfilling that promise. Fierce battles are ongoing within Russian territory," their statement reads.

Later, FRL provided footage of the breakthrough of the Russian border. It shows that Russian volunteer corps entered the territory at night with heavy equipment.

FRL operations and raids into Russian territory

Fighters from the Freedom of Russia Legion have conducted raids into Russian territory on multiple occasions, having maintained control over the territory and encountered Russian military forces.

Recently, the fighters carried out another raid into the Belgorod region, during which they successfully eliminated several Russian military personnel.