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France upholds Ukraine's Belgorod shelling as self-defense right, Russia reacts with outrage

France upholds Ukraine's Belgorod shelling as self-defense right, Russia reacts with outrage Illustrative photo (Photo: Russian media)
Author: Daria Shekina

France believes that Ukraine, in self-defense under the UN Charter, has the right to strike back on the territory of the aggressor country, Russia, including targeting Belgorod. This position from Paris triggered a storm of hysterical criticism from the Kremlin.

The material includes information from the website of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Telegram channel of Deputy Secretary of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev.

France's position

The French foreign policy department, responding to information about the explosions at the end of December 2023 in the Russian city of Belgorod following a probable shelling by Ukraine's Defense Forces, clarifies its position.

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reminded that there is an aggressor state, Russia, which "implements a strategy of terror through deliberate strikes on key objects of civilian infrastructure, violating international humanitarian law." Meanwhile, Ukraine "acts in self-defense, in accordance with Article 51 of the UN Charter."

"Russia has the opportunity to put an end to this conflict and the human tragedies that accompany it, for which it bears full responsibility," emphasizes the ministry.

To achieve this, Paris explains that Russia must withdraw all its troops from internationally recognized Ukrainian territory.

"This is a necessary condition for restoring a strong peace and maintaining the international order based on law," states the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Russia's response

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev hysterically reacted to the relevant statement released by the French ministry on January 3. The official, without going into detail or clarification, issued a barrage of rude insults on his Telegram directed at the French.

"Written by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A strike on Belgorod using cluster munitions is 'the right to self-defense.' Scum. S***ts. Degenerates," reads the message from the Russian official.

Explosions in Belgorod

On December 30, Russian media claimed an alleged shelling of the city of Belgorod. It was reported that over 40 buildings and 60 vehicles were damaged. Soon after, sources from RBC-Ukraine in the special services reported that the Security and Defense Forces launched a missile strike on military objects in Belgorod.

Additionally, Russians claimed that on January 1 and 2, the so-called shelling continued. The Russian Ministry of Defense spoke about allegedly downed missiles. Then, on the morning of January 3, explosions and sirens were heard again in Belgorod, and the local governor announced a "tense situation."