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France to transfer AASM Hammer to Ukraine: All about high-precision bombs

France to transfer AASM Hammer to Ukraine: All about high-precision bombs Ukraine to receive hundreds of AASM Hammer bombs from France (
Author: Liliana Oleniak

France has announced the transfer of AASM Hammer bombs to Ukraine. Ukrainian defenders will receive hundreds of these bombs.

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Manufacturer and main characteristics

The A2SM (AASM Hammer) bomb is manufactured by Safran, a large industrial and technological group. The company is engaged in the development and production of aircraft engines, helicopters and missiles, and aviation equipment.

AASM Hammer is a guided air-to-ground bomb. It is based on the Mk 82 (250 kg), BLU 109, or Mk 8 (1 ton) bombs.

The AASM Hammer is a high-precision hybrid equipped with a kit that allows for increased range and accuracy.

The kit consists of two parts: the tail Range Extension Kit (REK), which can be equipped with a jet engine, and the nose. It has three variants of guidance - satellite-only or with the addition of a thermal imaging or semi-active laser homing system.

The declared range of the AASM Hammer is about 70 km, but it also depends on the altitude. It is noted that when dropped from a low altitude, the range ranges from 20 to 100 km.

What aircraft can drop bombs?

The AASM Hammer carrier is the French fourth-generation Rafale multi-role fighter. It is also known to be used by the F-16, Mirage 2000, and Mirage F1, which are additionally equipped with the Hammer Stand Alone System.

France to transfer AASM Hammer to Ukraine: All about high-precision bombsPhoto: AASM Hammer on the Rafale (

India, for example, has integrated these bombs into the Tejas light multi-role fighter. The country purchased French bombs in 2020.

As for Ukraine, French Defense Minister Sébastien Le Coronneu stated that the bombs would be launched from Soviet aircraft available to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, including MiGs and Su.

How many bombs will Ukraine receive?

According to the head of the French Defense Ministry, Paris will provide Ukraine with about 50 AASM Hammer bombs per month. Deliveries will begin in January 2024 and will last at least until the end of the year.

This means that the Ukrainian military will receive at least 600 French guided aerial bombs.