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Forget about Botox: Simple technique that will make you look 30 years younger

Forget about Botox: Simple technique that will make you look 30 years younger Photo: How to tighten the skin of the face (

Our skin performs a number of vital functions, including serving as a protective barrier against injuries and toxic substances, as well as helping regulate body temperature. As we age, wrinkles appear on the facial skin, which greatly distresses women.

How to lift the face without Botox will be explained by TikTok of a 54-year-old beauty expert.

What is the method for rejuvenation

A woman with over 49,000 followers on social media explained a simple way to "not throw a bunch of money on Botox."

Her method is simple - she beats egg whites in a bowl and applies the mixture to her face using a pastry brush.

In the video, she applied it only to one side of her face to show the difference.

After allowing the mixture to set, the woman showed the final results, which included noticeably fewer wrinkles on her face and lifted eyes.

Забудьте про ботокс. Простий прийом, який допоможе вам виглядати на 30 років молодше

The expert asserts that egg whites tighten the skin (Screenshot)

The expert claims that the magical ingredient is just a standard egg white. You should apply it to your face, and "you'll have skin like you're 20 again."

In the comments, she advised leaving the egg whites on for 15 minutes before rinsing them off with warm water. Even after washing, the effect remains, she said.

She added that the tightening effect is long-lasting, with regular use it closes pores and strengthens sagging skin.

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