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Just one minute daily: Luxury treatment to rejuvenate neck from cosmetologist

Just one minute daily: Luxury treatment to rejuvenate neck from cosmetologist How to rejuvenate your neck (photo: Freepik)

Very often, the first signs of aging appear on the neck. This area requires special care - and it's not just about applying a cream, but also a special massage that will help maintain skin elasticity, reveals Ukrainian cosmetologist Olha Pozdniakova.

How to rejuvenate your neck

"The neck is the basis of beauty and youth, and I will not stop reminding you of this. One minute a day for the neck, and in a week, the result is like a luxury procedure at a beautician," says Pozdnyakova.

When the neck muscles spasm, internal swelling occurs, which stretches the skin from the inside and adds age. Because of this, a second chin appears, and the face begins to stretch downward.

During the rejuvenating massage, move your knuckles from top to bottom along the side of the neck, working with deep massage movements.

Next, move to the back of the neck. You can work with your knuckles or directly with your fingers.

Then, using the movements shown in the video, go over the lateral neck muscle, moving from top to bottom. Tilt your head if the muscle is not visualized.

"Then do a platysma stretch with fixation for 10-15 seconds, and repeat the same on the other side. You should feel the pull. Then rub your neck with stroking movements. Be sure to do this at least every day for your youth," says the beautician.

Why the neck and décolleté reveal our age

The skin on the neck and décolleté reveals a person's age better than the face. Here are some of the main reasons why:

  • there are fewer sebaceous glands on the neck, and the cells lose moisture quickly
  • skin cells contain few melanocytes that protect against ultraviolet radiation
  • flaccidity of the neck skin due to poor blood circulation, which is exacerbated by poor posture and the habit of looking at the phone screen with the head down. The production of elastin and collagen deteriorates, and the skin loses its elasticity
  • wrinkles and sagging of tissues due to an underdeveloped layer of subcutaneous fatty tissue

"So, beauties, let's take care of these delicate areas just like we do our face. Care products include masks, creams with SPF protection, and don't forget about good posture, neck exercises, and massage techniques," says Pozdniakova.

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