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First group of Ukrainian pilots to finish training on F-16 by summer - CNN

First group of Ukrainian pilots to finish training on F-16 by summer - CNN A group of Ukrainian pilots will complete their training on the F-16 before summer (photo: Getty Images)

The first group of Ukrainian pilots, consisting of four individuals, will complete their training program on F-16 aircraft by the summer of 2024, according to CNN.

According to the Arizona National Guard, the first four Ukrainian pilots are scheduled to complete training on F-16 fighter jets by summer. The pilots began training in mid-October with the 162nd Wing in Tucson, Arizona. The Pentagon said the training process would take several months to complete.

A second group of another four pilots began training in January, according to Capt. Erin Hannigan, a spokeswoman for the Arizona National Guard, while a third group of four is currently going through English-language training required for flights.

Hannigan stated that all of the pilots are expected to complete their training between May and August, although the exact timeline depends on the progress of the program.

What preceded this

On February 18, Foreign Policy reported that Ukraine would be able to receive its first F-16 fighter jets in the summer of 2024, likely in June.

The Air Force did not confirm or deny the receipt of F-16 fighter jets by Ukraine in June, refusing to comment on the timeline. However, they noted that Ukraine is already adapting its infrastructure for this type of aircraft.

On the eve of February 17, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte stated that the process of transferring F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine is proceeding according to schedule. Ukraine is expected to receive over 20 fighter jets.