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Finland to join coalition for protection of navigation in Red Sea

Finland to join coalition for protection of navigation in Red Sea Photo: Finland to join Red Sea shipping protection (

The Armed Forces of Finland will join the international operation to protect civilian ships from the Houthi rebels in the Red Sea, according to Yle.

The relevant decision was made during a joint meeting between the President of Finland, Alexander Stubb, and the Committee of Ministers on Foreign and Security Policy.

It is noted that at this stage, a maximum of seven Finnish military personnel will join the international operation. All of them will perform various tasks in positions within the operational headquarters. Their responsibilities will include ensuring the safety of navigation in the region.

What preceded

In February, the European Union initiated a military-naval mission in the Red Sea named Eunavfor Aspides to protect navigation in the region.

Yesterday, on March 8, it was announced that the Netherlands would deploy the frigate Zr. Ms. Tromp with 200 military personnel to the Red Sea to safeguard civilian navigation and join the EU initiative. The official decision regarding the ship's deployment is expected to be announced today.

Additionally, on March 3, it was reported that the Italian ship Caio Duilio started protecting trade routes from aerial attacks by Yemeni Houthi rebels. On the same day, an Italian naval ship intercepted a drone approaching the vessel in the Red Sea.