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Finland ends border cooperation agreement with Russia

Finland ends border cooperation agreement with Russia Photo: Finland terminates agreement on border cooperation with Russia (

The State Council of the Republic of Finland has issued a resolution officially terminating bilateral border cooperation with Russia, according to the press service of the Finnish government.

This decision comes a month after the Kremlin announced similar measures. Helsinki has recognized as no longer valid the resolution on the implementation of the agreement between the governments of Finland and Russia regarding the development of cross-border cooperation between the two countries. The termination of the agreement will take effect on February 24, 2024.

The agreement had been in effect since 2012 and aimed to promote cross-border cooperation between the two states.


As reminded by the Finnish government, on October 25, 2023, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation "declared by note" the termination of this agreement.

"According to the note, the effect of the agreement ceases in accordance with Article 14 of the agreement 90 days after the notification, i.e., on January 24, 2024," the publication stated.

The Finnish authorities pointed out that, based on Article 14 of the agreement, either party can terminate the agreement by written notice through diplomatic channels.

"As the agreement was terminated at the initiative of the other party, only the resolution on the entry into force of the agreement is repealed. The entry into force of the resolution is planned for January 24, 2024, simultaneously with the termination of the agreement," explained the Finnish government.

Closing the Finnish border with Russia

It's worth noting that Finland's actions to terminate bilateral border cooperation with Russia are occurring against the backdrop of Finland blocking entry from Russia due to the influx of illegal migrants. The Finnish Border Guard has prohibited entry for people traveling by bicycle through border checkpoints with Russia.

Earlier, Finnish border guards had to use tear gas when migrants attempted to illegally enter camps from Russia.

On November 18, four border checkpoints on the Finland-Russia border were closed, and on November 22, the Finnish government decided to close almost all border crossings.

Recently, the Finnish government decided to temporarily close all border crossings on the border with Russia and strengthened the closed border with double barriers, allowing only freight trains to pass through.