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Finland strengthens Russian border with dual barriers

Finland strengthens Russian border with dual barriers Finland bolsters border with Russia (Getty Images)

Finland has closed its entire border with Russia and reinforced it with double barriers. Currently, only freight trains are allowed to cross, writes.

This was announced by the Deputy Commander of the Finnish Border Guard, Jukka Lukkari.

He explained that if migrants arrive at the Finnish border who do not want to return to Russia, they will be directed and sent in that direction.

"We hope that the Russian authorities will take care of these people and that they will be able to go to where they can legally get to Finland. If people are on the Russian side, they fall under Russian jurisdiction and the control of the Russian authorities. However, if it turns out that someone is in a particularly vulnerable situation, we will do our duty and take care of them," he said.

Lukkari also said that in the event of a forceful attack by migrants on the border, border guards will have to first use soft means and try to bring the situation under control.

He clarified that the work of the Border Guard provides for a scenario of encountering aggression while performing official duties.

Closure of the Finnish border with Russia

Finland has started blocking entry from Russian territory due to an influx of illegal migrants. The Finnish Border Guard has banned entry for people traveling by bicycle through border checkpoints with Russia.

Earlier, the Finnish border guards had to use tear gas when migrants tried to illegally enter camps from Russia.

Four border crossing points on the Finnish-Russian border were closed on November 18, and on November 22, the Finnish government decided to close almost all border crossings. Currently, only one checkpoint is operational, located in Lapland.