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Explosions resound in Crimea, traffic across Crimean Bridge blocked

Explosions resound in Crimea, traffic across Crimean Bridge blocked Sergey Aksyonov, self-proclaimed 'head' of occupied Crimea (Photo:

Russian occupiers blocked traffic across the Crimean Bridge. Meanwhile, explosions are being reported in the Krasnohvardiiskyi district, according to the Telegram channel "ChP/Krym."

"The movement of cars across the Crimean Bridge has been temporarily blocked. Those on the bridge and in the surrounding area are urged to remain calm and follow the instructions of transportation security personnel," stated the information center for roadways, addressing the situation on the Crimean Bridge.

Prior to this incident, a fire broke out in Simferopol, with Russians claiming that a two-story building was ablaze.

At the same time, explosions have been reported in the Krasnohvardiiskyi district. Eyewitnesses say that the explosions lasted for about ten minutes.

According to the self-proclaimed "head" of occupied Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov, there was allegedly a drone attack attempt. However, he has not provided any further details so far.

"Emergency services are currently at the scene to address potential consequences," said Aksyonov. "All relevant agencies are working on the situation. We urge everyone to remain calm and trust only official sources for information."

Meanwhile, the occupiers are urging civilians not to share photos of drone flights.

Some eyewitnesses are reporting an attack on an oil depot and an airfield in the vicinity of the settlement of Oktiabrske.

The Ukrainian military leadership has not yet commented on the information regarding the explosions in Crimea.

Fire at the railway station

Eyewitnesses claim that there is a fire at the Elevatorna railway station in the village of Oktiabrske following the explosions.

Traffic across the Crimean Bridge resumed

"The traffic across the Crimean Bridge has been restored," states the information center for roadways regarding the situation on the Crimean Bridge.

Attack on the ammunition depot

As Aksyonov claims, drones struck an ammunition depot in the Krasnohvardiiskyi district. Allegedly, there were no casualties or damages reported. However, a decision was made to "evacuate the population within a radius of 5 kilometers" to temporary shelters.

"To minimize risks, it has also been decided to suspend train services on the Crimean railway. Authorities expect the consequences of the incident to be addressed promptly," the 'head' wrote.

Explosions in Crimea

There have been frequent reports of explosions in the temporarily occupied Crimea lately. Some of these incidents are linked to Ukrainian military strikes targeting enemy troops, equipment, or strategic assets.

For instance, recently, explosions were reported in the temporarily occupied town of Rozdolne during the night. Online reports claimed that these were drone strikes, with the usual Russian accusations against Ukraine.

Additionally, it's worth recalling the explosions that occurred on the Crimean Bridge on July 17, resulting in damage to the structure. According to agency sources, the Security Service of Ukraine together with the Naval Forces conducted an attack on the bridge using naval drones.