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Explosions in Crimea on August 24: Battle near Tarkhankut

Explosions in Crimea on August 24: Battle near Tarkhankut The media claim that a battle took place in the Tarkhankut region (Photo: facebook com mod mil rus)

On the morning of August 24, explosions were reported near Cape Tarkhankut in Crimea, according to "Crimea Realities."

Explosions in Crimea on August 24: Battle near Tarkhankut


From 5:00 AM, explosions were heard near the settlement of Mayak on Cape Tarkhankut (western Crimea). The publication, citing Ukrainian intelligence, claims a battle involving naval vessels and aviation. However, this information has not been officially confirmed by intelligence sources.

As determined by "Radio Svoboda," the village of Mayak is home to the base of the 3rd Radio Technical Regiment, part of the Radio Technical Forces of the Russian Aerospace Forces. The Cape Tarkhankut area also houses the radar station RLK "Nebo-M" and the radar system "Kasta-2E2." Anti-aircraft defense positions of the adversary are positioned around the perimeter.


On the other hand, Russian media claim a shootout at Cape Tarkhankut on the morning of August 24. Hostile Telegram channels are spreading information that around 3:50 AM, shots were heard from RPGs(anti-tank grenade launchers) in a campsite in the village of Olenivka.

"When people woke up and exited their houses and tents to the beach, they saw two rubber boats near the shore. There were ten unknown people in them. One of them fired at the campsite. But he only hit once, after which the group disappeared," write the Russians.

Moreover, propagandists claim that Ukraine allegedly wanted to stage a "show with the Ukrainian flag" for Independence Day.

Events leading up

Yesterday, August 23, explosions were heard in Cape Tarkhankut, specifically in the village of Olenivka. Later, Crimean Telegram channels stated that radar stations were hit there.

Ukrainian intelligence confirmed that enemy equipment was destroyed on the western coast of Crimea. However, the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine clarified that near the village of Olenivka, a Russian medium- to long-range S-400 Triumph surface-to-air missile system was eliminated, along with its ammunition and personnel.