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Explosions in Crimea: 42 UAVs allegedly shot down

Explosions in Crimea: 42 UAVs allegedly shot down
Author: Maria Kholina

Explosions were heard in several areas of the temporarily occupied Crimea on August 25. Eyewitnesses report seeing unknown drones, according to Telegram channels.

It is reported that explosions were heard in Simferopol, as well as in Sevastopol, Saki, near Cape Meganom and Tarkhankut. According to eyewitnesses, at least 17 unidentified drones were spotted flying over the Bakhchisarai district of Crimea.

Representatives of the self-proclaimed occupation authorities said that several drones were destroyed over the sea near Cape Khersones.

Later, the Russian Ministry of Defense reportedd that there were 42 UAVs spotted, 9 of which were shot down, while 33 were intercepted using means of electronic warfare (EW).

Ukrainian intelligence in Crimea

Yesterday, August 24, the media reported that Ukrainian intelligence landed in Crimea. At about 5:00 AM, explosions were heard near the village of Mayak on Cape Tarkhankut. A battle took place there as part of a special operation led by the Ukrainian Military Intelligence, involving naval assets and aviation.

Intelligence representatives said that it was a raid and it demonstrated that the peninsula is within reach for operations by Ukrainian forces.

Moreover, during the special operation, Ukrainian intelligence operatives put up a Ukrainian flag in Crimea.