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Explosions in Bryansk, Russia, reports suggest Shahed drones attack

Explosions in Bryansk, Russia, reports suggest Shahed drones attack Explosions heard in the Russian city of Bryansk in the evening (Illustrative photo: GettyImages)

Residents of Bryansk reported a loud noise near the television center on the evening of November 29. According to them, a sound resembling an explosion was heard, according to Bryansky Vestnik.

Reports have emerged of an attack on a drone warehouse, allegedly carried out by Ukrainian forces. The Ukrainian side has not yet commented on these reports.

"At around 18:12 in Bryansk, there was an explosion near the warehouse of 'Heron-2' drones. Residents heard explosions in the area of the television center. Preliminary information suggests that the warehouse was attacked by Ukrainian drones. Details about the damage and casualties are being clarified," the channel reports.

On social media, residents speculate that the anti-aircraft defense system or electronic warfare systems may have been activated. Bryansk residents are urged not to panic.

Operational services have not yet provided official information about the event. Therefore, no one can confirm or refute these reports.

Drone Attacks in Russia

Recently, there have been frequent cases of drone attacks on Russian territory. For instance, on the morning of November 29, an unidentified drone was allegedly shot down in the Moscow region. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin reported the drone's flight towards Moscow.

During the night of November 26 in the Moscow region, Tula, and other regions of Russia, explosions were heard. The Russian authorities claimed drone attacks and the operation of anti-aircraft defense systems.

We also reported that on the night of November 19, Moscow Mayor Sobyanin announced the alleged downing of a drone flying towards the city.

Earlier, we wrote about Ukrainian intelligence warning Moscow residents about an increase in drone attacks.