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Explosions heard in Sumy - City under attack by Shaheds

Explosions heard in Sumy - City under attack by Shaheds Explosions heard in Sumy (photo: Getty Images)

Explosions were heard in Sumy during the night of May 6. The city is under enemy attack using Shahed kamikaze drones, according to the Telegram channels of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Suspilne. Sumy.

The explosions in the city's vicinity occurred around 00:06. Before this, the military reported the detection of enemy drone movements towards the city.

"Sumy - enemy UAVs towards the city!" - the announcement from the Air Forces stated.

Problems with electricity and water

It is also noted that after the explosions in Sumy, there were problems with electricity in various parts of the city.

"Many streets in Sumy are without electricity," writes the local agency Kordon Media.

According to preliminary data, other settlements in the Sumy region were also partially de-energized. Thus, there is also a partial lack of electricity in Lebedyn, Bilopillia, and Okhtyrka.

In addition, in Sumy, it is reported that there is a partial lack of water supply after an enemy air attack.

Additionally, on Kharkiv's social media channels, there are reports of power outages in several areas of the city.

"Sumy region under Shahed attack. Power is out in several areas of the city, the same problem here. Perhaps another substation was hit," the Telegram channel Kharkiv Life Kharkiv states.

Another explosion

Later, at 00:48, the military command again urged the residents of Sumy to take shelter due to the threat of Shahed attacks.

By one o'clock in the morning, another explosion was heard in Sumy.

Night attack by Shahed drones

Earlier, it was reported that in several regions of Ukraine late on Sunday, May 5, an air alarm was declared due to the detection of enemy attack drones of the Shahed type.

As told in the Air Forces, enemy drones, in particular, were moving towards the southern regions and also towards Sumy.