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Explosion near Moscow: What the plant in Sergiyev Posad produces

Explosion near Moscow: What the plant in Sergiyev Posad produces The explosion near Moscow occurred at a plant that manufactures devices for the military

The factory in Sergiyev Posad, where a powerful explosion occurred today, produced equipment for the Russian army, from binoculars to optical sights, according to the "Zagorsk Optical-Mechanical Plant" website.

What was produced at the factory?

In particular, the website indicates that the Zagorsk Optical-Mechanical Plant (ZOMZ), which is part of the "Shvabe" holding of the state corporation "Rostec," positioned itself as one of the leading Russian developers and manufacturers of observation devices for law enforcement agencies and industry.

The company also manufactures medical equipment for diagnosing and treating eye tissue and vessel diseases, fluorographs, X-ray image brightness enhancers, and various photometric devices.

However, one of the plant's priority areas of work is optics for the military. For example, the plant is engaged in the production of 8x20 binoculars for the "Ratnik" combat equipment set for servicemen. It is distinguished by its lightweight and high-strength ergonomic magnesium alloy body.

Moreover, as reported by the media, there are more complete lists. This factory also produced specialized equipment, including aviation sights, thermal imagers, guided missiles, laser detection systems, and optical observation devices.

The factory also engaged in the manufacture of night vision goggles, sights, and monoculars.

The factory has not disclosed profit data recently

Pro-Kremlin media reports that the revenue of the Zagorsk Optical-Mechanical Plant for 2021 was 1.2 billion rubles (net profit - 10.033 million rubles).

At the same time, the company did not disclose data for the entire year of 2022. However, only for the second quarter, the factory's revenue amounted to 657.2 million rubles (net profit - 25.6 million rubles).

What "Pyro-Ross" was engaged in?

As local authorities claim, a powerful explosion occurred in the hangar of the "Pyro-Ross" company located on the premises of the Zagorsk Optical-Mechanical Plant.

As indicated on this company's website, it was founded in 1994 by four defense enterprises. Over time, "Pyro-Ross" transitioned from a small pyrotechnic design bureau to a large enterprise engaged in developing and producing launch electromechanical equipment, pyrotechnic and sewing products, fireworks displays, and transportation of hazardous goods.

At least, that's what's mentioned on the company's website. Furthermore, "Pyro-Ross" continues to develop and produce fireworks display management systems with active electronic implementation. They also pride themselves on designing products "considering the specifics of transporting hazardous cargo."

The company also offers premium-class clothing "for business and energetic women, whose wardrobe is based on classic suits."

Explosion in Sergiyev Posad

Previously today, an explosion occurred at the Zagorsk Optical-Mechanical Plant in the Moscow region. The enterprise is located in the city of Sergiyev Posad, which is 70 km away from Moscow.

The official version of the explosion in Russia has already been called the "human factor." The blast occurred on the plant's territory, where a warehouse with the pyrotechnics of the company "Pyro-Ross" was located.

According to the latest data, at least 43 people were injured due to the incident. The explosion wave shattered windows in several buildings in different parts of the city. A total evacuation was announced at the plant.