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Expanded defense cooperation between Russia and Iran despite weapon shortages

Expanded defense cooperation between Russia and Iran despite weapon shortages Russia and Iran are expanding defense cooperation (Illustrative photo:Getty Images)

John Kirby, a representative of the U.S. National Security Council, said that cooperation between Russia and Iran in the defense sector is increasing, according to the Voice of America.

Cooperation between Iran and Russia in the defense sphere is intensifying, allowing both countries to build their military power.

The White House official pointed out that clear evidence of this situation is the drones continuously supplied by Iran to Russia. This assistance extends to helping Russia establish production facilities on its soil for manufacturing models of Iranian drones, which are then used in ongoing attacks on Ukraine and Ukrainian infrastructure.

The United States believes that Iran is interested in acquiring advanced military equipment from Russia, including attack helicopters, aircraft, and missiles, including cruise and ballistic missiles.

Kirby stated that although there is no direct evidence of deliveries already in progress, the collaboration between the two countries in the defense sector is evidently on the rise.

The representative noted that such cooperation threatens not only Ukrainians but also the people of the Middle East. According to him, the current capabilities that Iran can acquire make its "destabilizing activities even more alarming."

Cooperation between Russia and Iran

Previously, we wrote that Russia and Iran agreed to "counteract" Western sanctions. The Russian minister called it an essential step in increasing the coordination of efforts "by members of the international community to overcome illegal sanctions.

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In November, it became known that Russia was building a facility to produce Shahed missiles. This was highlighted by Reuters journalists using satellite images.