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European Commission allocates €1.4 billion to Polish farmers

European Commission allocates €1.4 billion to Polish farmers Illustrative photo (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

In the European Union, legal acts have been adopted allowing the transfer of 1.4 billion euros to Poland to support its farmers, according to the European Commission.

"Today, the European Commission has adopted two legal acts that will pave the way for Poland to access up to €137 billion in EU funding," the announcement said.

It is noted that these actions are related to the rule of law reforms adopted by Poland, as well as recent and immediate steps taken to address the main tasks of strengthening the independence of the judicial system.

Support for Polish farmers

The European Commission clarified that Poland's payment request also covers important steps in implementing 25 ambitious reforms and five key investments.

"These measures aim at improving the resilience and competitiveness of its economy, advancing the green energy and digital transitions, as well as supporting health and clean mobility," the EC said.

Additionally, the European Commission will provide Poland with 1.4 billion euros for investments in the agricultural sector. This will involve supporting thousands of farmers and fishermen, as well as the sector itself, to help expand and modernize their production and enter new markets.

Ukrainian border blockade

In February, protests at the Polish-Ukrainian border resumed. Checkpoints are being blocked by farmers, and recently, they started dumping Ukrainian grain.

Additionally, Polish farmers have also stated that they will block the border with Germany.

Yesterday, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced that negotiations were allegedly underway for the temporary closure of the border for trade. However, Ukraine says that no such negotiations are taking place.