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Europe should exert pressure on Speaker Johnson to advance aid to Ukraine - Cameron

Europe should exert pressure on Speaker Johnson to advance aid to Ukraine - Cameron Photo: David Cameron, the head of the British Foreign Office (Getty Images)

Foreign ministers of European countries should exert pressure on the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, to bring the bill providing assistance to Ukraine for $60 billion to a vote, stated UK Foreign Secretary, David Cameron.

"Crucially, we need to get on the phone, or in my case go in person to see Speaker Johnson in the House of Representatives to get that supplemental through," the minister emphasized.

According to him, foreign ministers of European countries "must play a real role" in advancing aid to Ukraine in the United States.

"Congress does listen to what others say and what America is capable of doing," Cameron added.

He stressed that there is a scenario in which "Ukraine gets knocked back, and there’s cheering in Moscow, Beijing, Tehran, Pyongyang." In this case, NATO and Europe will face a future "of insecurity."

Also, the head of the British Foreign Office urged other NATO countries to expedite the process of sending weapons to Ukraine, the expiration date of which is approaching.

"Those weapons should be given to Ukraine — not costly, decommissioned in our own countries," he added.

According to Cameron, Western countries need to "press" their finance ministries to allow the confiscation of Russian assets for the benefit of Ukraine by any means necessary.

Assistance to Ukraine from the US

The United States has practically ceased providing military and financial assistance to Ukraine for several months. This is due to Congress being unable to allocate this funding.

Recently, the US Senate passed a bill providing $60 billion in aid to Ukraine. However, it is "stuck" in the House of Representatives because Speaker Mike Johnson refuses to bring it to a vote.

Republican Johnson stated that his faction is developing an alternative bill that provides assistance to our country in the form of a loan. Previously, assistance was provided on a grant basis.