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Europe bolsters security for Jewish communities after HAMAS attack on Israel

Europe bolsters security for Jewish communities after HAMAS attack on Israel In Europe, security for Jewish communities has been strengthened following the HAMAS attack on Israel (illustrative photo: Getty Images)

Britain, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy have increased police protection for Jewish communities following the HAMAS terrorist attack on Israel and the subsequent escalation of the conflict, according to Politico.

It is noted that governments across Europe fear the rise of anti-Semitic acts in connection with the outbreak of hostilities between Israel and HAMAS.

In particular, the London police added that events in Israel could lead to protests in the coming days.

"We will ensure that an appropriate policing plan is in place in order to balance the right to protest against any disruption to Londoners," the police statement said.

The French Minister of Interior, Gérald Darmanin, has stated that he has requested prefects across France to reinforce the security of the Jewish community, and currently, there are "no specific threats." However, he plans to convene a meeting to assess the situation.

Meanwhile, the Berlin police have declared that they have "enhanced security measures at Jewish and Israeli institutions" following the HAMAS attacks.

The Central Council of Jews in Germany mentioned that they are in "intensive contact" with the authorities.

Similar security measures for the protection of the Jewish community have been taken in Spain and Italy as well.

HAMAS attack on Israel

Yesterday morning, terrorists from the HAMAS militant group infiltrated Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip and engaged in combat with Israeli forces. HAMAS managed to seize several populated areas.

By evening, Israeli forces had regained control of a significant portion of the territory and carried out strikes in response against Hamas military targets and command centers.

Israel declared a "state of war" and initiated a counter-terrorism operation called "Operation Iron Swords."

At least 500 people have been reported killed in Israel due to the HAMAS attacks.