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EU may sanction Steven Seagal, who was present at Putin's inauguration - Media

EU may sanction Steven Seagal, who was present at Putin's inauguration - Media Archive photo: Vladimir Putin and Steven Seagal (Getty Images)

The European Union, as part of its new anti-Russian sanctions package, plans to impose restrictions on Steven Seagal, known for his sympathies towards dictator Vladimir Putin, informs EUobserver.

EUobserver states that the 14 package of sanctions against Russia will target individuals who spread propaganda in the EU and attempt to bribe members of the European Parliament.

Personal sanctions are planned to be imposed on Steven Seagal, who was present at yesterday's inauguration of dictator Vladimir Putin.

An EU representative informed the source that sanctions against Seagal could be imposed if there is substantial legal evidence that the actions of the former actor harm Ukraine.

Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal is a former American actor and producer. He has been residing in Russia for a long time and holds citizenship of that country. He visited the occupied Crimea in 2014 and became a member of the political party Fair Russia - For the Truth.

Additionally, in 2022, Seagal visited the temporarily occupied part of the Donetsk region and promised to shoot a "truthful" film about the war in Ukraine. He has repeatedly expressed his admiration for Putin.

14 EU sanctions package

The European Union has nearly completed the preparation of a new package of restrictions against Russia for its aggression against Ukraine. It is expected that EU members will soon agree on it and it will come into effect.

Recently, Polskie Radio 24 reported that the European Commission has sent EU members a draft of the 14 package of sanctions against Russia.

And Politico reported that within the framework of the new EU sanctions package, there is a desire to limit Russia's income from the sale of liquefied natural gas.