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EU Commission submits proposals for 12th sanctions package against Russia

EU Commission submits proposals for 12th sanctions package against Russia High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell, together with the European Commission, submitted last night to the Council a proposal for the 12th package of sanctions against Russia, according to European Union External Action.

"The High Representative proposes to sanction over 120 additional individuals and entities for their role in undermining sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine," the statement said.

Borrell, along with the EU Commission, also proposes to adopt new import and export bans, as well as actions to tighten the oil price cap and to counter circumvention of EU sanctions.

The proposals for listings include actors from the Russian military, defense and IT sectors, as well as other important economic operators.

The sanctions are intended to target:

  1. Organizers of recent illegal "elections" in temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.
  2. Those responsible for the forced "re-education" of Ukrainian children.
  3. Actors spreading disinformation and propaganda in support of Russia's aggressive war against Ukraine.

"The proposals aim to reinforce the sanctions framework overall. The sanctions packages are part of EU’s strategy to respond to Russia’s illegal war against Ukraine, together with measures designed to support Ukraine politically, economically and militarily," the statement reads.

The EU’s policy remains to increase pressure on Russia to stop its repeated violations of the UN Charter and international law and to make these violations more costly for the Russian war machine.

The EU has already approved 11 packages of sanctions against Russia

These sanctions include restrictions on goods that can be used in the production of weapons. Individuals and entities responsible for the invasion of Ukraine and aiding the continuation of the war are also targeted.

Currently, the EU plans to coordinate the 12th package of anti-Russian sanctions, which will include new lists of personal restrictions and export sanctions, particularly regarding diamonds.

Bloomberg reported today that the European Union plans to ban the export of machinery and machine parts that the Russian Federation could use for weapon production.