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Elon Musk will meet with President of Israel after anti-Semitic scandal

Elon Musk will meet with President of Israel after anti-Semitic scandal Elon Musk (Photo: GettyImages)

Elon Musk, a U.S. executive in the technology industry who faces accusations of anti-Semitic behavior, is scheduled to meet with the President of Israel, Yitzhak Herzog, on Monday, November 27, according to Reuters.

Musk, who is accused of inciting anti-Jewish hatred on his social network X (formerly Twitter), will meet with Yitzhak Herzog along with Israelis whose relatives were held by Hamas in Gaza.

The Israeli leader's office said that during the meeting, the president will emphasize the need to take measures to combat the rise of anti-Semitism on the Internet.

Israeli broadcaster Channel 12 reported that Elon Musk will also meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on November 27. It is noted that there was no comment from the Prime Minister's office.

The visit of the owner of the social network X coincides with a four-day truce in Israel's war with Palestinian militants Hamas in Gaza, during which 40 of the 240 hostages held by terrorists returned to Israel.

Anti-Semitic scandal

The day prior, Elon Musk became embroiled in an anti-Semitic scandal that prompted numerous globally recognized firms, including Disney, Apple, and others, to suspend their Twitter activities and cease advertising on the platform.

Shortly thereafter, the billionaire refuted any participation in anti-Semitic remarks and dismissed all media allegations as untrue.

Tesla investors have urged the company's Board of Directors to consider taking action against Musk for allegations of anti-Semitism. Additionally, the New York Times reports that Twitter (X) could incur losses exceeding $75 million as a result of the owner's controversial remarks.